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Ostuni Art Resort

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Exclusivity & Authenticity Melting into the Landscape


Repurposed Structure, Designer’s Touch

"The two brothers Giorgio and Giulio Angella dreamed to create a nucleus for their families and friends. A place where they could come together with loved ones and wile away the minutes, hours, days. They also conceived it as a place of coming together for groups of friends and families. A place for celebrating shared cultural roots and for bolstering relationships. They deeply understand the importance of doing so, and created the Ostuni Art Resort with this vision in mind. After years of painstaking restoration, the resort blends into the landscape as if it had always been a part of it. Following the principles of bio-architecture, the Angellas placed their trust in local craftsmen, favoring formal harmony and precious materials: there’s hardly a stone or architectural detail about which the brothers do not have a story"

Giorgio and Giulio Angella, Owners