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Steeped in Tradition,
Overflowing with Natural Beauty

Umbria, at the very core of the country, is the only region that is not bordered by either the sea or another country. With unending waves of rolling green hills, mountains, and pastures, this countryside lends itself to a spiritual sense of oneness with nature. Umbria’s insulated beauty and traditions are still alive in the tiny fortified towns that dot the countryside as well as in the larger cities of Assisi, Spoleto, Orvieto, and Perugia, the region’s capital home to Perugina chocolate and the world famous Umbria Jazz Festival. The flavors of Umbria tempt every appetite, offering delicacies like black truffle and porcini mushrooms, saffron, and prosciutto di Norcia, and can be washed down with your preference of excellent white or red wines from the region. No matter the palate or appetite for adventure, Umbria is sure to deliver.


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"Umbria is also considered Italy's green heart because it very much represents the heartland of this country, where faith, food, and family are the three main pillars of daily life."

Rebecca winke
american travel writer


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Agnolotti al Tartufo
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Mt. Sibillini and Castelluccio Plains
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Filippo Curinga - I.D.I Travel

La semplicità
è l’ultima sofisticazione.

is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Umbria doesn’t have the shore, but a sea of greenery, hills, waterfalls, fields of medieval hamlets and towns. Because of all this nature, it’s not only a place of spirituality…but it is also a place of art, because you need inspiration to produce great art.”

Tommaso Mardegan | N2S Italia

“In the heart of Italy, Umbria mixes art, beauty, and peacefulness.”

Paula Colesi

“Totally contrary to my genetic makeup, contrary to my usual behavior and preferences, contrary to all logic, I fell madly in love with Italy, its people and its chaos.”

Nancy Yuktonis Solak, A Footpath in Umbria: Learning, Loving & Laughing in Italy