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Savoy, Tartufo, Barolo: Italy's king country

Stretching from the alps and Switzerland to the border of France, Piedmont is the second-largest region in Italy and offers an expanse of cuisine, nature, industry, style, and history. The capital city of Turin, the first capital of united Italy and home to the Royal House of Savoy, is affectionately called “Little Paris” and flaunts romantic architecture, world class museums, bohemian nightlife, and a long history of chocolate and gianduia – chocolate with hazelnut cream. Piedmont’s culinary legacy extends to the Langhe region, home to the prized Alba white truffles and excellent wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. The lakes region sparkles with the blue waters of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, dotted with elegant villas. Piedmont is a refreshing discovery for both first-time and return travelers to Italy, with enough charm and grace to make you fall in love all over again.


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eros buratti, fine cheesemaker

"Piemonte awaits you, its outstanding flavors of its cheeses and wines, and the magical landscapes of mountains, valleys and lakes are ready to be discovered."


Italy’s DMCs share with DUCO tips on gastronomy, landscapes, and secret treasures


Caffè Baratti & Milano
IC Bellagio


Le Langhe
 Jennifer Virgilio - Queen of Clubs

from our kitchen

Bagna Cauda
Christian Petruccelli - Bespoqe Travel

A tavola non si invecchia.

“At the table,
one does not
grow old.”

“I think that Piedmont is the hidden gem of Italy from a culinary and wine perspective…aside from being a beautiful region, [it] is really the mecca of dining.”

Joe Bastianich, MasterChef Judge

“The Langhe is a paradise, a giardino: pears, apples, pomegranates, chestnuts. Everything you could want to eat falling from a tree. And above all, nocciole: Fatter. Rounder. These are the ones used by Ferrero Rocher to make Nutella. And wine - everywhere, wine. Barbera, Bonarda, Dolcetto, and the king, Nebbiolo, the king of all grapes.”

Matt Goulding, American food journalist