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Savoy, Tartufo, Barolo: Italy's king country

Stretching from the alps and Switzerland to the border of France, Piedmont is the second-largest region in Italy and offers an expanse of cuisine, nature, industry, style, and history. The capital city of Turin, the first capital of united Italy and home to the Royal House of Savoy, is affectionately called “Little Paris” and flaunts romantic architecture, world class museums, bohemian nightlife, and a long history of chocolate and gianduia – chocolate with hazelnut cream. Piedmont’s culinary legacy extends to the Langhe region, home to the prized Alba white truffles and excellent wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. The lakes region sparkles with the blue waters of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, dotted with elegant villas. Piedmont is a refreshing discovery for both first-time and return travelers to Italy, with enough charm and grace to make you fall in love all over again.


A photograph of the region 

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eros buratti, fine cheesemaker

"Piemonte awaits you, its outstanding flavors of its cheeses and wines, and the magical landscapes of mountains, valleys and lakes are ready to be discovered."


Italy’s DMCs share with DUCO tips on gastronomy, landscapes, and secret treasures


Caffè Baratti & Milano
IC Bellagio


Le Langhe
 Jennifer Virgilio - Queen of Clubs

from our kitchen

Bagna Cauda
Christian Petruccelli - Bespoqe Travel

A tavola non si invecchia.

“At the table,
one does not
grow old.”



A series of webinars presenting the best of the Regions

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webinar aosta valley & piedmont

Aosta Valley & Piedmont: Royal Legacy

“I think that Piedmont is the hidden gem of Italy from a culinary and wine perspective…aside from being a beautiful region, [it] is really the mecca of dining.”

Joe Bastianich, MasterChef Judge

“The Langhe is a paradise, a giardino: pears, apples, pomegranates, chestnuts. Everything you could want to eat falling from a tree. And above all, nocciole: Fatter. Rounder. These are the ones used by Ferrero Rocher to make Nutella. And wine - everywhere, wine. Barbera, Bonarda, Dolcetto, and the king, Nebbiolo, the king of all grapes.”

Matt Goulding, American food journalist


An Itinerary in Langhe Monferrato Roero

langhe monferrato roero

Cin Cin! Raise Your Glass (and Fork) to Piedmont’s Picturesque Wine Country


Ease into your luxurious long weekend in Piedmont’s outstanding wine-growing area with a morning stroll through the centre of Asti. Discover its glorious medieval past at the Gothic-Romanesque Cathedral, Palazzo Alfieri where the dramatist and poet Vittorio Alfieri was born, and Palazzo Mazzetti, where you might catch a temporary art exhibit featuring works from around the world. Once your legs are stretched, head to Nizza Monferrato, home of the queen of Barbera wine, and climb the town’s bell tower, known to locals as il Campanon—Big Bell—for a panoramic view of the porticoed streets. By now you must be ready for a refreshing beverage and where better than in one of the suggestive underground cathedrals in Canelli. These historic wine cellars, dug out of tufo rock, have stored the prestigious sparkling Spumante since the 19th century. Pop a heavenly bottle of sparkling bubbles to toast a magnificent starte to a glorious holiday in Langhe Monferrato Roero.


Awake your senses straight away with an early morning truffle hunt alongside a seasoned trifulau and his trusty pup as the affectionately called tabui expertly sniffs out prized black and white truffles buried beneath the soil. Later, you celebrate your success with a sample of your spoils: locals say the best way to taste the prized Alba white truffle is freshly grated over an egg or on a plate of Tajarin, the typical hand-made pasta.

Keeping in theme, visit the beautiful, red-bricked town of Alba, home of the International Alba White Truffle Fair and birthplace of Nutella. Wander the farmers’ stalls at the Saturday market and pick up a few local treats. Once you’ve had your fill, relax with a caffè or cappuccino at an historic café and watch the world go by.

Next, head towards the village of Barbaresco, with its unique street and the extraordinary medieval tower. Taste the best prize-winning Barbaresco wines while gazing over the swaths of vineyards as the sun sets beyond the hills. Tonight, enjoy dinner in one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants of Langhe Monferrato Roero, immersing yourself in a real gourmet paradise.


Rent Vespas, e-bikes, or pedal your way on a traditional bicycle for a castle-to-castle tour of the UNESCO hills of Langa del Barolo, “king of wines and wine of kings.” From the tiny hilltop village of La Morra, sail past the technicolor Brunate Chapel by contemporary artists Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett on your way to the village and Castle of Barolo. Flanked by perfectly manicured rows of native Nebbiolo grapes, the 10th-century fortress houses the innovative WiMu- Wine Museum along with legendary labels in the the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo. Dip down into Monforte d’Alba, one of the area’s liveliest villages, where you can lose yourself in the medieval streets and, if you are lucky, catch a performance in the open-air Auditorium Horszowski with the old town as your backdrop. The route leads over the upper Serralunga d’Alba with its tall medieval fortress overlooking the old hamlet. The final stop of the tour is the imposing medieval castle of Grinzane Cavour — where the first Prime Minister of United Italy, the Count Camillo Benso, resided — now host to Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour, showcasing the Langhe Monferrato Roero’s renowned wines, the ethnographical Langhe Museum, and the open-air InVigna Museum. Following one last Barolo tasting, loop back to Piazza Castello in La Morra for unbeatable views, a well-deserved aperitivo, and a typical dinner.


For your last day, explore the hilltop villages of the Roero area that stand out amidst woods, vineyards, and the impressive Rocche, an 11-kilometre-long crevice formed millions of years ago. The perfect starting point is Bra, a charming Baroque village and the headquarters of the Slow Food movement. Delight in the delectable local products such as the delicious veal sausage (salsiccia di Bra) and the DOP cheese, preserved in scented storage rooms open for sensory visits. Now you pass through Pollenzo, commissioned by the King Carlo Alberto di Savoia, who wanted a neo-Gothic estate in the place of the Roman Pollentia and the medieval county. Discover the Complex of Agenzia, that now houses the campus of the world’s first University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Wine Bank, that keeps the historic memory of the Italian wine by selecting and storing the best wines. Next, you get to the pretty village of Guarene, with narrow streets that go down from the magnificent Castle. Climb up the San Licerio hill and take your time to admire the open-air Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Art Park with immersive art installations by contemporary worldwide famous artists. The itinerary continues from here and leads you to Canale, for an inevitable tasting of the prestigious Roero wines at the Enoteca Regionale. For your last evening in Langhe Monferrato Roero immerse yourself in a romantic and exciting dinner in the vineyards that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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