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“From an early age we experienced the hotel and its dynamics, an interweaving of work, home, and passion that has always seen all members of the family involved." Roberto Jr. and Veruschka Wirth like to remark .Twins, born in Rome in 1992, Roberto Jr. and Veruschka face new and important challenges, seeking innovation while maintaining a link with history and tradition. "Our commitment is to maintain, continue and develop the path taken by our father and, to keep the Hassler as an independent hotel, with its unique character, personality and history," so that the new team can look to the future. They add, "The real secret of our family tradition, what our grandmother and father passed on to us, is the love and passion for the work." Roberto Jr. and Veruschka aim to continue to grow the company in Italy and worldwide and bring a dynamic vision "so as to best express our know-how in total respect of the tradition that our family has been continuing for five generations where the common thread has always been to offer the highest quality. We will bring a smile, energy and the desire to stand out every day. Everything is easier when sharing this important role with a sibling."

Roberto B Wirth and Veruschka Wirt, owners