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Luxury, Glamour, and a Glass of Bubbly: Italy's Fabulous Lakes Region

From the capital city of Milan to the mountainous borders of Switzerland, Lombardy the very best of Italian sophistication. The region is studded with three glistening lakes, Como, Garda, and Iseo, where plunging mountainsides slip gracefully into the still waters, bespeckled with colorful villages and timeless resorts. It’s no wonder the region has been the destination of A-listers throughout history, with notable visitors including Napoleon, Winston Churchill, George Clooney, and Gianni Versace. For lovers of active travel, Lombardy offers dreamscapes for all enthusiasts ranging from cyclists to skiers, and the Franciacorta vineyards boast Italy’s version of champagne. Excellent wine is always followed by outstanding gastronomy, and Lombardy’s heavenly dishes, like creamy risotto and polenta, are no exception. Romantic and suave, the elegance of Lombardy beckons all lovers of exquisite travel.


A photograph of the region through our guest’s eyes

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jennifer baker, american artist

"There are few places in the world...that feed me, feed my artistic soul, the way Lombardy does."


Italy’s DMCs share with DUCO tips on gastronomy, landscapes, and secret treasures


Alpe di Mezzedo
Jennifer Virgilio - Queen of Clubs


Il Rudere
IC Bellagio

outdoors insider

Lombardy's Fifteen Lakes
Italy My Way

Non Rimandare a Domani Quello Che Puoi Fare Oggi.

“Never put off until tomorrow that which you can do today.”

“Lombardy is a region with a lot of personality, style, and above all, beauty: the lakes, the mountains, well-known fine gastronomy, and the romantic landscapes.”

Carolina Perez

“The landscape is so dramatic: from the lakes and mountains to the plains, just thinking about it makes me want to jump in the car and go cheese factory shopping.”

Andrea Grisdale, IC Bellagio

“Nothing in the universe can be compared to the charm of these feverish summer days spent on this lake.”