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A Crescent Coastline Paradise

The Italian Riviera is home to a contradiction of nature that takes one’s breath away. Colorful seaside towns like the famed Cinque Terre trickle down the mountains, the glittering bays are dotted with white yachts in Portofino and Sanremo, and stately history sprawls forth from the esplanades of Genoa. This is the coastal region which inspired Christopher Columbus to set forth in search of a New World, played on the senses of Niccolò Paganini and Fabrizio di Andrè, and set Italo Calvino’s fanciful pen in motion. Liguria’s microclimate is protected by a backdrop of Alps and Apennine Mountains and contributes to a respectable selection of grape varietals, carefully tended for thousands of years by local farmers and transformed into exquisite wines. Laying claim to such gastronomic mainstays as pesto genovese, focaccia, fried baccalà and anchovies, it’s no wonder local fishermen always manage to find their way home to Liguria.


A photograph of the region

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franco malerba
astronaut - the first italian to travel into space

"From space, it was easy to spot this special stretch of land that hugs the northern arch of the Mediterranean Sea."


Italy DMCs share with DUCO tips on gastronomy, landscapes, and secret treasures


Anciue de Vernàssa
Dino Triantafillou - Italian Journeys

hidden treasure

Christian Petruccelli  - Bespoqe Travel

outdoor insider

Cinque Terre
Simone Amorico - Access Italy

La vita è un sogno.

"Life is
a dream."

“We ate sardines, pesto, drank copious amounts of wine in the three towns we visited; one [was] more beautiful than the next. It’s stunningly beautiful, the people were so welcoming and lovely, the food was delicious…I would live there if I could.”

Patti Lupone, actress

“Liguria in summer is the smell of basil, the heat, the light that slips from the window, the olive trees lined up like thoughts, the sea that dresses everything in blue."

Fabrizio Caramagna