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"The Viscardi brothers have been working in the hospitality industry for years and, with VIU, have crowned the dream of being able to turn into reality a project that, until some time before, was only part of a visionary fantasy. If we ask them how the concept of a rooftop hotel in Milan took shape they often jokingly tell us that the project was the result of a trip Antonio made to New York City 10 years ago, during which he was inspired by a breakfast served inside a garden on the top floor of one of Manhattan's imposing buildings. From that moment, the idea began to take shape in the imagination of the Viscardi brothers, who had long dreamed of being able to give the city of Milan a structure with a rooftop pool that would allow guests to enjoy, from breakfast to aperitif, the beauty of the city from above. Tommaso is strategic and innovative and represents the essence of pragmatism. Each technical and operational aspect passes under his careful and competent supervision, which, by his own admission, is the key element in order to create facilities that can offer guests the utmost comfort and service. On the other hand, Antonio has a creative and ambitious individuality that allows him, in each initiative, to identify strengths and criticalities of each project under development, always managing to imagine beyond the simple prospectus. Thus, in March 2017, Hotel VIU Milan was born, the first 5-star hotel of the Viscardi Hotels group, which counts, among other facilities, three 4-star hotels in strategic areas of the city. The Hotel fully reflects the charismatic personalities of Tommaso and Antonio in the development of their entrepreneurial projects, perfectly matching each other in order to achieve the excellence that, par excellence, characterizes their every initiative. They say that, on the basis of their intuition, there is the desire to create something not only for guests but also for friends with whom to gather and spend time in a unique environment far from the chaos of the city. Antonio and Tommaso's is an all-Italian story of tradition, elegance, and love for beauty. A young and authentic story that still has so much to tell..."